Friday, November 23, 2012

Pause for Some Inspiration

I maintain an online training journal @   with the purpose of  illustrating my training ideas, successes and  failures. Today's installment is more of a broad generalization than a success or failure, but helpful (I think) none the less.

Trainees are always asking about training "variety" and how to "Change it up".............

Exercise selection is in fact a way to change your workout, but changing a major "core" movement like the squat is in my view not feasible since you only have 52 weeks per year to develop your squat!

If replacement isn't an option then what, modification?

No, modification is the neurological equivalent of replacement! (Take a moment and think about that!!!)

Golfers don't hit baseballs / Squatters don't do leg presses

The only real means of variety available to a dedicated strength athlete is rep range and the rarely used rep cadence!

Rep range is malleable to a degree but being a "strength" athlete requires certain constraints on per set volumes! So any meaningful changes in "Workout structure" must be within the confines of major "core" moments and withing prescribed rep ranges.

Repetition cadence is a hugely under valued aspect of modern strength training! Bar speed as well as turnaround time (starting strength) can be enormously dynamic variables in ones training regimen.

Options available are, but not limited to:

  • Fast Positives - Slow Negatives
  • Fast Positives - Fast Negatives
  • Slow Positives - Slow Negatives
  • Paused Repetitions!
  • Repetitions with no Pause or stop!
  • any combination you can think of!


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