Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'm here to tell you it's HARD

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……… pull with a stiff bar............and it should be! Whimsical titles aside I really do believe in the premise of using the LEAST Advantageous lifting conditions for base (off Season) training.

The late great genius A.Jones of Nautilus Sports Medicine fame was quoted many times saying "never make an exercise easier, make it harder!". Safety is one thing, but if you are using a specific piece of lifting apparatus just to be able to say your training weight is 700lbs rather than 650lbs you could be (ARE) setting yourself up for heartache on event day. Especially if you're forced to do things the "HARD WAY".

We seem to have entered an era where weight on the bar is far more of a prize than progress at one chosen endeavor!

Growing muscle and developing strength beyond the physiological norm is about applying stresses not finding clever ways to avoid them! I'm not campaigning against the use of flexible deadlift bars................ I'm merely trying to point out that by avoiding and even criticizing stiff bar pulls I have seen of late on many different social media outlets you are most certainly putting your long-term progress at a distinct disadvantage.Picture.jpeg

I have even recently witnessed vids of famous puller (and his washing machine) doing 2-inch deficit deadlifts while using a bar with 3 inches of bend! Is behavior such as this good for pulling progress or just good for social media attention?

Individual criticism aside, my strong suggestion to you dear reader is to stop making TRAINING depressions based on load used and/or facebook likes and seek out HARDER MORE CHALLENGING modes of training! If you are truly strong come event day no apparatus or lifting condition will be a disadvantage!

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