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Evil Genius Sports Performance consults with strength athletes from all over the world, but the one question that seems to hold on border or language barrier is “Do I NEED to deadlift?”

Well, fuck me running with a big rubber DICK!!!!
I would have never even thought of such a question!

Louie Simmons, Robert Oberst the Tooth Fairy, I don't know who is to blame for this incredible disrespect for what I think is the single most fundamental demonstration of human strength! No matter the guilty party let me be as explicit as I can in my answer to this question…………………………....YES, YOU DO!

let me offer some (I think unneeded) explanation for my response:
  • In the sport of powerlifting the deadlift is one-third of the event, therefore, %33 or better of your effectiveness at the sport… yea you HAVE TO DO IT!
  • In competitive strongman almost every contest has an event like the car DEADLIFT or the 18-inch DEADLIFT or possibly an axle DEADLIFT……..notice a pattern (ie the word DEADLIFT)
    • Sub-note on the sport of strongman, it's called STRONGMAN and STRONG people DEADLIFT (to a large degree that's why they are strong)!

Deadlifts like squats and presses do come in a vast array of types so “what” deadlifts should I do is a valid and likely important question that I love to discuss with clients. Should I deadlift is never a question I'll consider.

So in short YES you do NEED to deadlift, so shut up and pull!

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