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The Barbarian Brothers

Two brothers, Peter and David Paul who called themselves  “The Barbarian Brothers” - Big, strong guys who completely defined and personified the 80's bodybuilding scene. Wearing construction boots, bandannas and torn tank tops & flannel shirts in and out the gym the Barbarians were strong and looked strong night and day with a healthy side of ATTITUDE as well.

Getting big and ridiculously strong  was their sole purpose. The Barbarians trained for training’s sake. They didn’t build physiques to win trophies, they trained because they loved to get under dangerously heavy weights and would do whatever it took to push greater poundage’s and carry ever larger lean bodyweights.
If you grew up in the 80′s-90′s you most likely  remember seeing the Barbarian brothers in every muscle publication every month as well as variety of low budget movies. As with all the 80's muscle stars They quickly became childhood idols of the generation to come.
Huge weights used in a really high volume. What the Barbarian’s brought to the table was a radical high volume power approach to bodybuilding, along with radical attire and radical attitudes. 
Never bothering to enter a power meet because every day in the gym was a lifting contest for them. At around 250-260 pounds of bodyweight, they were known for loading machines to the max and then hanging 45s on the weight stack (or standing on the stack for added resistance). Reports of them squatting 465-pounds for twenty reps, performing reps in behind-neck-presses with excess of 315 pounds, T-bar rows with eleven 45-pound plates piled on, or barbell curls with 275-pounds as  well as reverse grip benches with over 500lbs were commonplace.
The Body Expo in 1981 was the one of the most memorable and most public displays of the barbarian approach to training and life!
 'Okay, people,' announced Peter, 'Now you will see my brother David break the world record in the reverse grip bench press . . . are you listening out there, Terry Todd with your 500 lbs?' 'Hey, that's only 495,' yelled some voice from the audience. 'Close enough,' grunted Peter, and David went on to a hard fought, hips raised a bit, but firmly locked out 500 lb reverse grip bench press after having done 5-6 sets of reps on the assent!
They pushed the limits and it inspired a generation to attempt the same. Despite never competing in any strength sport, they epitomized if not single handedly created the power-bodybuilder genera. 
The Brothers made their first real splash into film in 1983 appearing in Mr T’s D.C Cab.  But it wasn’t until 1987 that they got their own movie, The Barbarians.
The Pauls, have appeared in several feature films and dozens of prime time TV shows including:
  • DC Cab (1983)
  • Double Trouble (1992)
  • The Road Raiders (1989) 
  • Twin Sitters (1994) 
  • Souled Out (2005) with Gary Busey.
Where Are They Now?
Semi-retired from acting, the Barbarian Brothers are content and enjoying hobby's/careers decades in the making. David is a professional photographer, whose work can often be seen in the pages of contemporary muscle magazines and web sites as well as at private showings throughout Southern California. Peter operates a thriving  personal training business in Venice Beach Ca. When asked both brothers say a return to the big screen isn't ruled out it just requires the correct role.

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