Thursday, March 6, 2014


I squat once per week, always have.
With only 52 weeks in a year and 2 spent on taper/event....that leaves effectively 50 training se
ssions per year. Simple math shows us that each weekly squat session is %2 of my yearly progress.
When you dwell on this point it realy begins to dawn on you the urgency of each and every session! If I was to miss even one session %98 of my potential is the MOST i could hope to achieve. Sobering thout isnt it?
No one can totaly avoid the ocasional "off" day where things are tougher than normal, but with %2 of your yearly gains at stake who can afford to turn an "off" day into a day off?.
I'll see you at the squat rack! My %2 isnt an option it is a certainty!


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