Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Bridge To Nowhere

Next to “tapering” I think “bridging”, at least the term in the fashion most mean, is the dumbest thing an athlete could do. (Wow that felt good to say out loud!) As with most of my recent pennings this particular rant began with a good friend of mine. This story begins with this particular friend mentioning he was “off” at the moment. “Just a few hundred mg of xxxx/week” he told me! Of course I asked for clarification because “off” and a “few hundred mg” didn’t sound compatible to me. After the requisite round of dumb looks and eye rolls he said “You know, like a bridge, until I go ON”.  

On Off, On..On & Off..Off where the hell did this vernacular come from? I hate to berate a friend but, let’s be painfully clear - if you are taking a drug in any quantity then by definition you are NOT off. That sounds fairly clear and sensible doesn’t it? Taking equals “ON” and not taking equals “OFF”, there isn’t much more to say on the subject!

That’s just a play on the words you say! The reality is People seem to believe that if they are not taking their “therapeutic dose” (the dosage that gives them the desired effect) then they are “off”.  I have no idea where this thinking came from, but it’s very silly! Think about it for a minute, if you went to your family doctor and he said you have XYZ and you need 200mg of LMNOP for a week would you take 100mg for two weeks and expect the same result? Why then if it takes 1000mg of AAS to make you perform at the level you desire would you ever take less than 1000mg? AAS and almost all other drugs work on a body weight basis, taking less must mean your trying to lower your bodyweight! In very simple terms why take drugs if you know the dose you are taking isn’t sufficient to give you results?

Think I’m just picking apart the language? Think I’m just being mean because I personally don’t like the idea of bridging? Ever hear of Medical HRT? Well you should because it’s what each and every one of you who employ a bridge is doing to yourselves! HRT…..hormone REPLACMENT therapy is used in clinical medicine to replace and or normalize ambient hormone levels in patients with malfunctioning endocrine systems.

Please take a moment to re-read the last sentence. The goal of using AAS is to improve sports performance, not to normalize your ambient hormone levels! When bridging, you are REPLACING your natural production with a low dose synthetic! How could that possibly be of benefit to your athletic goals? You are simply making yourself more dependent on the exdrogenous drug and therefore not allowing your body to even try and resume any semblance of normalcy!

The concept isn’t the issue I’m arguing against, it’s the means. I believe the idea of “bridging” from one cycle of AAS to the next is indispensible in the pursuit of athletic performance and development (and retention) of muscular gains. If you believe for whatever reason your AAS therapy has run its course, then more AAS couldn’t possibly be the answer you are looking for.

How then might one “bridge” without implementing more AAS you ask? 21st century athletes have more sports performance compounds available to them than ever before. The key is to look to schemes and strategies that do not involve the AAS pathway. A myriad of non androgenic enhancement avenues exist to the savvy athlete, HGH, IGF-1LR3, clenbuterol……..ect.

I must refrain from elaborating more on the specifics of “how to” because it is after all information I get paid for. Just remember when you want or need to be “off” take the idea to heart and stop taking AAS! Think about your arsenal of ancillary drugs and schemes. The keys to “bridging” success is implementing a scheme that allows you to keep your bodyweight and strength “up” as much as possible while giving your physiology time to recover from the previous scheme.


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