Saturday, December 31, 2011

EvilGSP Book Review!

The Black Prince: My Life in Bodybuilding: Muscle vs. Hustle

As always with memoir, it's a question of, is this person’s life worth writing about? In Robby’s case, the answer is, unequivocally, yes! His experiences are unique. No one else lived this story. I think this is precisely the right book Robby should have written. It’s as if he’s distilled every question that he’s been asked through the years, about his training, his life, and organized it perfectly in 200 pages. I learned a lot about the sport and all of the anecdotes, stories from his life are fascinating. The combination of teaching, tell-all and voice (his sense of determination and bravado are pitch-perfect: exactly right for the sport) make this a great read.

Linda Davis, writer and editor

When I heard Robby had written a book on his life in bodybuilding I immediately put it on my must read list! I have met and talked with Robby many times and he has never failed to impress with his knowledge, experience and honesty!

As I expected Muscle vs Hustle is a MUST READ for any bodybuilding enthusiast! Robby's life in body building borders on the unbelievable!


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