Friday, May 27, 2011

The New Ephedrine?

IronMagazine Bodybuilding Blog, Fitness Blog, Bodybuilding News: "BODYBUILDING PHARMACOLOGY : The New Ephedrine? - May 26th, 2011
J.Brainum has always been one of my trusted sources of inf, especially in the realm of sorts pharm. Here is a piece you should take note of J.B. has an uncanny track record at finding the next big thing!


by Jerry Brainum

When the Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of ephedrine and mahuang food supplements on April 12, 2004, companies selling those products knew they had a problem. It wasn’t the bogus lawsuits that burgeoned both before and after the ruling but what to do to maintain sales of their various fat-loss products, most of which were based on ephedrine or mahuang, often accompanied by a natural caffeine source, such as kola nut or guarana. The products produced millions in revenue. Unlike many other food supplements, fat-loss products have a huge crossover appeal, not only to bodybuilders and other athletes but also to anyone who wants to drop a few pounds. Considering that at least one-third of all Americans are clinically obese, the market for fat-loss supplements is enormous.
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