Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Little Things,...............Or Are They?

Every single training / programming / consult I do ultimately ends in an near endless barrage questions regarding OTC “supplements”.

Alternate Title: 
Your Precious F’ing Protein Shake!
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For those of you who are not Are not familiar with me or my methods let me be painfully clear on this point 99.5% of all OTC products or other worthless or not supplements at all but extremely expensive processed foods.That being said (and true) let me point out a few little things that you can implement that have real, proven science-supported benefit with extremely little cost or effort!

  • LT#1 (Little Thing # 1):
    Add live yogurt to your precious F’ing protein shake! The benefits to digestion and gut health associated with live cultures has been noted and documented for 100s if not 1000s of years!!

  • LT#2:
    Drink Freshly brewed green tea everyday! EGCG (the active ingredient in green Tea) has a list of scientifically supported benefits longer than my C*CK leg! Why buy a commercial refined product when Tea is cheap,  easy and delicious? If for some reason you truly don't like the taste  of green tea brew it, freeze it and use it as ice in your precious F’ing protein shake

  • LT#3:
    Stop buying expensive (potentially dangerous) pre-workout potions and buy a few pounds of high-quality coffee and a decent Brewing device. Coffee is the new darling of nutritional research nearly every week you can find a new study pointing to coffee as a “Wonder Food”! Even if you truly don't like coffee you can Brew, it chill it and use it as the base for your precious F’ing protein shake!

Before spending your hard-earned dollars on potentially worthless products or at the very best financially enriching very undeserving criminals. think about “the little things”!

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